— Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy direct from Trussworthy Components? 
Unfortunately, no, as we are a wholesaler and not set up for retail sales. Because of this, we sell to lumber yards only.

I want to add-on an addition. Can you match my existing trusses?
Yes, if we have the existing measurements of the existing structure, as we are able to design and fabricate almost any shape.

What is the farthest distance you will deliver to?
We (typically) have a 100 mile radius from Pine River. However, on occation, we have delivered farther - and to other states as well.

What is the difference between a truss and a rafter?
Trusses are prefabricated roof components typically designed with series of triangles connected with metal plates, whereas rafters are single independent members of lumber assembled on site. Unlike rafters, a truss allows one the ability to calculate the amount of force going through any given member at any given time depending on the amount and type(s) of loading that are being applied to it.

Can I get my trusses sooner than when I originally ordered them for?
Yes, depending on the time of year, and on a case by case basis.

How will my trusses be delivered?
Depending on the size, we will use either a semi with a stretched trailer or 4-wheel drive truck with a gooseneck trailer. Both delivery options use rollers on their trailers to offload the trusses.

What is the heel height?
By definition, the heel height is the depth of the truss measured at the outside of the exterior wall from the top of the top plate to the underside of the sheathing.

What is the maximum length that a floor truss can span without internal bearing?
There are many factors that determine the maximum span of a floor truss. For all intents and purposes, and assuming typical residential loading, the longest clearspan floor truss would be 34' long, 24" deep, and spaced 16" O.C.

What is the longest span of a truss you can build and still deliver?
70'0" with overhangs.

Do you have a maximum height on your trusses?
Just under 14'0" with varying road widths, but we can manufacture a two-piece truss that utilizes a piggyback/cap design.

What is the largest room I can get in an attic truss? 
16'0" on attics that use a single 2x10 bottom chord and 22'0" on attics that use a floor truss in-attic design. These values are dependent on the overall span of the attic truss.

What is the maximum depth you can build a floor truss? 
24" in depth assuming 4x2 lumber orientation. Floors can be designed deeper if the orientation is 2x, but they will only be 1-1/2" wide.

I'm interested in joining the Trussworthy Components team. How do I apply?
As one of the major employers in the area, we are always taking applications. Depending on the time of year, however, we may not be hiring. That said, it may be beneficial to inquire about current openings. You will find our phone number, along with other pertenant information, on our CONTACT US link. You can obtain an application form by clicking HERE

How much snow will my roof hold, and do I need to clear it off?
There are many factors that determine how much snow a roof can hold. Below are some links that can help get more insight into this question. One can always call a local truss manufacturer too.
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